Twitch etiquette

Twitch Etiquette and Tips for both Viewer and Streamer

This guide is to go over a few tips and basic twitch etiquette rules. We see a lot of new people starting to stream on Twitch and we wanted to help out by providing some Do’s and Don’ts We will also touch a basics on how to be a good (streamer) viewer in other channels. When you are on twitch, YOU are your channel/stream/representation of your account YOUR BRAND!. Being a good streamer will help grow your following fast! If you are a jerk of a streamer or are not a nice viewer, people will tend to not watch you. So the following are a some key points to remember while you stream and watch others. Some may seem common sense and super obvious and some NOT, but you would be surprise how many people don’t actually know any of that stuff.

As a Streamer:

Interact With Your Viewers

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your viewer count is, interacting with them will make their viewing experience better. If they have a memorable time talking with you, they are more likely to come back.

Do Not Assume Gender (I have learned this the hard way as some of you might remember)

Streaming is for everyone and will always be that way. You do not want to make the mistake of assuming gender. If you mess up, just apologize and move on.

Setup A Schedule

Setting up and keeping to a schedule will help your viewers know when to come back. Just like a TV show, people tend to come back and watch the entertainment when they know when to expect it. If you keep to a schedule, people will plan accordingly to come back and watch you but I know from my own experience that this is a challenge as life is unpredictable.

Do Not Be A Asshole

Usually, you do not want to be a jerk to viewers and other streamers. Yes, you can go for this style of stream, but if you don’t use that as your trademark style, then don’t be a jerk to others. If people get to know you as a nice or friendly streamer, then you should stay that way. If you ever change and talk bad about others, those followers may unfollow and stop watching.

Use A Bot

Bots can be very useful for your channel’s chat. It can provide information. Moderate your viewers to follow rules you setup. It can also make sure your follows, subscribes, and more don’t go unmissed. Technology is powerful, why not make it work for you.

Watch Your VODs

Alwasys go back and watch your stream VODs as this will help you fine tune some important issues like your AUDIO levels, Voice quality is very important and you don’t want your fireteam to run your stream when you playing with other people. It’s your stream/ your show so it’s very important that YOU are the main focus! Open your VODs to everyone as again this will help you grow

Use The Tools Twitch Provides

There are a lot of cool stats and tools that Twitch provides. Use them to your advantage. This includes the panels under your stream to help inform your viewers. Even the extensions can provide some fun and innovative content to your channel. You can also learn a lot by diving into your statistics from past streams to see how well games and times do when streaming.

Raids and Hosts

Raid/Host other broadcasters at the end of your streams. It continues the fun for your viewers and lets the caster know you trust them with your viewership and want to help boost their numbers. A huge way to get noticed by the streamer and their community. Mutually beneficial.



How to raid effectively:

First, let your viewers know you’re going to start a raid and then share a chat message (having a unified raid command will make your life easier) that you want your viewers to paste into the channel when they arrive.

To start a Raid type /raid <username> in your chat

example /raid rancid_insane

After you type /raid, you will see a pinned chat message with a 10-second countdown along with an inactive Raid Now button. After 10 seconds, you can click Raid Now to execute the raid. If you don’t click Cancel or Raid Now within 80 seconds, the raid will automatically begin. Your viewers will see a pinned chat message letting them know they are joining a Raid. Viewers may leave a raid at any time by clicking the “Leave” button on the pinned message.

End stream and hang out in other streamer’s chat for a little bit.

You will also automatically start hosting the channel that you’re raiding so viewers who have not joined the raid will have something to watch as well.


Raiding a channel at the end of your stream can be a great way to help another streamer grow his or her community BUT this should not be OVER USED as seeking attention, meaning don’t start your stream several times a day only to raid other channels and then go LIVE again as YOU will alienate other streamers towards yourself – let’s be honest people are not stupid.


Follow Channel Rules

Twitch streamers may have rules about chat like no swearing or don’t discuss controversial topics. Make sure to read them and follow them. You don’t want to be the person called out on stream or even banned from chat because you typed something you shouldn’t.

Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you are an asshole to other viewers or the streamer, people will tend to not like you which ultimately hurts your stream. Be nice, you may get a follow by just chatting with someone while watching a stream.

Do Not Backseat Game

Unless the streamer asks for help, backseat gaming could ruin the fun for both the streamer and the audience. Don’t be that viewer!

Don’t Ask For Things

Asking to be a moderator, for keys, or other things from the streamer. It is the quickest way to look bad as a viewer and the streamer will probably tell you “No”. If the streamer is going to give something out, they will be happy to do so and will more likely announce this either on stream ahead of the time, discord or on social media.

Do Not Self Promote In Chat

This goes hand in hand with the golden rule. Do you want people to come to your stream and throw out a link about them going live? Probably not, so you shouldn’t do it to other streamers. It looks bad, and other viewers usually don’t click the link. If they do, they may get mad at you for it in your chat AGAIN DON’T BE THAT GUY.


Hosting others while you watching them is a great way to help other streamers. It takes your followers and shows them other streamers that you like to watch. Later on, that streamer may do the same for you.

Do Not Spam Or Complain

No one likes to see a wall of text or a negative person. Streaming is for a group of people wanting to have fun. If you come into a chat decay others enjoyment it makes you look bad and people will tend to not like you being around. This includes spamming the streamer outside of the stream. If you keep asking for things and spamming friend requests, they will probably not reply and ignore you.

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